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Could that Cup of Joe be a Blow to your Smile?

Could that Cup of Joe be a Blow to your Smile?

teeth whiteningDo you only drink coffee on days that end in “Y?” If so, we get you. We understand that the love of coffee is actually more than slight fondness. Coffee first, talk second is an expression we can understand, so we would not tell you that you should give up your beloved brew in order to keep your smile in the best possible shape. In fact, we know that coffee-lovers actually have a lot of support in recent research.

Coffee can be Good for your Health
Several studies conducted in the United States and in Europe indicate the various positive aspects of the coffee-drinking habit. Some suggest that a few cups a day can significantly bolster liver health, decreasing the risks of liver cancer as well as cirrhosis of the liver. Due to an elevation of SHBG, or sex hormone-binding globulinĀ in the plasma, coffee is thought to decrease the risk of Type II diabetes, as well. The research goes on and on, and so does the list of health benefits for coffee-drinkers.

Coffee can be Bad for your Smile
If you truly love coffee, chances are you would point to the fact that coffee can lower your risk of heart failure when faced with the disadvantages of your treasured drink. The fact is, you do not need to give up one to have another. There are ways to enjoy every last cup while still enjoying a beautiful, healthy smile. Here’s how.

  • Diminish the acidity of your drink by adding cream. The casein protein in dairy products also attaches to tannins in coffee, which inhibits staining. Non-dairy creamer doesn’t count!
  • Acidity and tannins can also be diluted with water. Not extra water in your pot or cup, but extra water in your mouth. After lingering over your brew for a few minutes, swish some water over your teeth.
  • Give it a rest. We understand the draw that coffee may have for you. But continual sipping from morning to lunchtime could damage your teeth. Take some time in between each cup; maybe an hour or more. It takes a full hour for enamel to recover from the acidity.

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