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Invisalign in Burke

Burke Invisalign Treatment: Easier Than Braces & Brackets

Having an imperfect alignment or formation of teeth is not unique. In fact, most people have a protruding tooth or two, significant spaces between teeth, serious malocclusion (imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed), underbite, overbite, or overly crowded teeth. If you have any or a combination of these dental issues, you are a good candidate for metal braces. If you want a better fix than conventional braces, go for the Invisalign treatment system.

Like Braces But Better

Invisalign is a lot like traditional metal braces in that it is likewise utilized to correct alignments, spaces and structures of teeth that are deemed undesirable. In other words, it is an innovative straightening system without wires and brackets. The major rub is that Invisalign, in many and most aspects, is easier than metal braces.

Custom Made

Made of clear, thin polymer, Invisalign is a highly customized treatment. Before actual installation, your chosen dentist or orthodontist will take your precise dental-oral measurements. In addition, an advanced 3D imaging technology will be used to predetermine your treatment plan and give you a clear idea on the expected outcome.

The polymer is worn by fitting snugly on top of your teeth, and fitting it comfortably to your mouth and teeth. With the ultimate goal of moving your teeth precisely and gently into place, the Invisalign treatment is actually not a single treatment procedure, but rather a series of clear plastic aligners is designed and fitted to your mouth until the ideal alignment is achieved.

Virtually Invisible

Another advantage with Invisalign is that you can straighten your teeth without calling other people’s attention to what’s going on inside your mouth: yes indeed, aside from being made from clear materials, there are no obvious braces and brackets for them to likely remark on. Moreover, as Invisalign aligners are precisely calibrated, the surrounding teeth will not be affected by the movement of the teeth targeted for movement and correction.

Time of Treatment with Dr. Price

In Burke, VA, Dr. Stephen A. Price is a premier provider of Invisalign treatment. He has both substantial training and experience in performing the procedure properly and with personal artistic touch. As a whole, the treatment takes a minimum of 6 months and up to 2 years to complete, but you will have to return to the Burke office in every 6 to 10 weeks so that your aligners are updated regularly by Dr. Price.

Invisalign treatment is applicable for either adult and teen patients. Being specially trained with the Invisalign procedure, Dr. Price is highly recommended for this type of treatment. His practice is not known for being a premier Invisalign provider for nothing.

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