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Kick Dental Anxieties to the Curb

Kick Dental Anxieties to the Curb

sedation-dentistryA little fear can serve us well at times. It may keep us from walking down a dark alley, or walking into a busy street. When fear does not serve us is when it stands in the way of something we want or need. Millions of people let unspoken fears keep them from dental care. Avoiding dental care, though, has its own consequences, some of them quite serious. Our practice is known as one of the premier Invisalign providers in Northern Virginia.

However, we also offer general services that can keep your smile looking and feeling its best. But first, it may be necessary to kick your dental phobia to the curb. Here are some common concerns and suggestions for easing them.

  • Gag reflex. The strong gag reflex problem seems to be especially concerning for teens. It’s unnerving enough to gag when you brush your teeth at home; you certainly don’t want to share this talent with everyone in the dental office! There are ways to lessen the gag reflex, such as breathing through the nose, and we are happy to work with you to feel more comfortable during your visits.
  • Needles? No, thanks. Patients of all ages can feel an aversion to needles, especially those directed at their mouth. Local anesthetic does a lot of good for patients needing restorative care. But, when you are afraid of pre-treatment, you may avoid seeing the dentist. In reality, what can save you from this phobia is seeing the dentist twice a year! Keeping up with routine care typically means staying ahead of dental problems like cavities. This means avoiding needles during dental visits.
  • Sights and sounds. We get it, the sounds and other experiences of the dental office are a far cry from those you may prefer, like a fun amusement park, or laughter with friends. Patients who feel anxious about the sound of the drill may erase this fear by wearing noise-cancelling earphones during treatment, even if the drill isn’t being used on them! If it is the instruments used to check teeth that cause anxiety, look at them, find out what they are used for. This can set your mind at ease knowing they will not cause pain.

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