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Full Dentures

What are Full Dentures?

Dr. Price’s Burke clinic also specializes in providing full dentures.  Full or complete dentures are made of a plastic base that is colored to match the color of the gums.  This holds a full set of either plastic or porcelain teeth and is usually attached to the gums by forming a seal.  Similarly, there are also full dentures that are attached to dental implants made on the jaw.  These, however, are more expensive than the traditional dentures. Having full dentures comes close to having your natural teeth back and has a number of advantages.  However, if full dentures are not done properly, a patient may experience difficulty speaking and eating and can suffer the discomfort of having food under the base of the dentures.  There are also cases of loose dentures due to improper denture fitting, and patients may need to use adhesives.

What are the types of Full Dentures?

Conventional Full Dentures are fabricated after the teeth have been removed and can be used by the patient about 8 weeks after all the teeth have been extracted.  This waiting period allows the gum tissues to heal from the extractions and allows for a more accurate fit since the gum tissues are no longer changing its shape because it has completely healed.  Although this is type is more accurate, the drawback is that the patient will have to be without teeth for the 8-week waiting period.

Immediate Full Dentures are made in advance and can be used by the patient right after all the teeth have been extracted.  Many patients prefer this type because they don’t have to be without teeth after all the teeth have been extracted.  However, since the gums shrink after it heals from the extractions, immediate dentures would require constant adjustments and realigning to make sure that it fits properly.  And because of this, dentists recommend this as a temporary solution until the conventional dentures are ready.

How are Full Dentures made?

The installation of both conventional and immediate full dentures would start by taking a series of impressions of a patient’s oral tissues that will hold the dentures.  This is then given to the technician so that they can make a mold of the patient’s mouth.  As the model of the teeth is built, the dentist checks the model against the patient’s mouth at each step to make sure that each addition to the model is a perfect fit.  Your dentist will usually ask you to come in once a week for about 6 weeks until your dentures are complete.  Once you get your dentures, your dentist will ask you to come in for a follow up check-up to see if adjustments are necessary.

For immediate dentures, the denture is made even before the teeth are extracted.  The back teeth are taken out first and the front teeth are only extracted once your dentist has the immediate dentures on hand.  Your dentist will ask you to come in for follow up checks more often as compared to when you have conventional dentures.




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