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Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Price understands how apprehensive his patients in Burke get when they come in for root canal therapy. He explains that root canal or endodontic therapy is a dental treatment of the pulp of the tooth, and that they have nothing to worry about because it repairs or salvages a tooth by removing the pulp and nervous tissue inside the pulp chamber, and then finishing it off by sealing the tooth and restoring its shape and function. The tooth’s nerve is not actually needed for it to be healthy and only creates hot or cold sensations, so getting a root canal will not affect a patient’s day-to-day activities. This treatment is usually recommended for a tooth that has decayed so badly and has become very infected. Oral antibiotics often are not very effective in eliminating the infection because the medication cannot get inside the teeth.  A root canal is also suggested to patients who have suffered intense damage to the pulp due to previous dental procedures or trauma.  It is possible for these patients to develop an abscess due to infection if the condition is left untreated.

What is a Root Canal procedure like?

Like other restorative dental procedures, root canal therapy will require having more than one visit.  A dentist prepares you for root canal by first taking an x-ray to be able to examine the tooth closely. Once he sees how much damage the tooth has he is able to map out a treatment plan.  Using a local anesthetic, your dentist will numb the area before proceeding to drilling the tooth to make an access hole into the tooth.  The tooth is then cleaned, scraped, and cleared of the pulp and other debris. Afterwards, it is filled with filling material to secure the cavity. The procedure is carried out in increments and will only be completed upon full restoration of the tooth.  The dentist will advise you on other dental procedures that might be used to restore the appearance and function of the tooth.




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