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What are Dental Bridges?

Dr. Price would commonly receive consultations in his Burke clinic with patients asking for advice on dental bridges as a solution for replacing missing teeth.  It is a fixed device that lives up to its name because that’s exactly what it does.  A dental bridge is a dental prosthetic that bridges or connects the gap made by missing teeth. When installing a dental bridge, two crowns (abutments) are anchored on both ends of the gap and in between that, a false tooth or teeth are placed (pontics).  Patients are given a choice to use porcelain, alloy, gold, or a combination of these for the false teeth.  The choice would depend on a patient’s aesthetic consideration and budget as well.

What are the types of Dental Bridges?

Dr. Price lists the following as the types of dental bridges that he offers to his patients.  He stresses the importance of consulting with your dentists and determining the best treatment plan for your condition.

Fixed Bridge – this is the most typical type of bridge treatment performed and remains to be an essential tooth restoration procedure despite numerous dental technological advancements.  This type of bridge is partially cemented, unlike partial dentures which are removable. It is attached to the teeth and is guaranteed to be strong and reliable.

What is a Dental Bridge procedure like?

Having dental bridges installed would require 2 visits.  The first visit would be mostly preparation for the installation of the bridge where the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to serve as a model for fabrication. A temporary bridge will be provided for the patient to use until it is time to install the actual bridges. The dentist will then ask the patient to come back in for the bridge installation once it is ready, and will adjust until a comfortable fit is achieved.  Subsequent check-ups may be scheduled to check on bridge condition.



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