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Teeth Shifting? It’s Not Just a Teenage Problem!

By: | Thursday, August 15th, 2019 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Springfield Dental Practice

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

As a premier Invisalign provider in Northern Virginia, Dr. Price works with patients of all ages to correct alignment issues. Quite a few who come to our office mention that their misalignment concerns only recently began. Teeth may shift at any time in life, which can come as a surprise. While the ultimate goal is to address the situation, many people are interested to know why their teeth have moved out of optimal position. The problem may stem from one of several factors.


Throughout life, the jaw and facial bones may change somewhat. This can affect how teeth fit in the mandible. In particular, the lower front teeth are inclined to sit behind the upper front teeth. To maintain this, the lower teeth may crowd together, leading to turning or even overlap depending on the extent of shifting.


Bruxism is the term we use to describe teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching behaviors. Many people engage in grinding and clenching when they sleep so are unaware of the stress their jaw and teeth are under. The pressure that is exerted onto teeth by bruxism can cause shifting as well as several other problems. A nightguard can be custom-made to decrease the force on teeth.

Tooth Loss

In childhood, tooth loss is necessary for permanent teeth to grow in. Tooth loss as an adult can be problematic. If a tooth falls out, is injured, or needs to be extracted, our priority is to replace structure as quickly as possible. Teeth butt-up to one another for support. The space that is created by tooth loss depletes the support of surrounding teeth, inviting them to shift.

Whatever the cause, at whatever age, misaligned teeth can create unnecessary self-consciousness. As troubling as a crooked smile can be, this problem is one that can be easily corrected. Invisalign is a reliable solution that is appropriate for many people. In some cases, it may not even be necessary to straighten a tooth or teeth. Veneers can be made to cover a turned tooth, fill gaps, and generally enhance the appearance of the smile.

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