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Dental Facts That Need to be Understood

By: | Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 | General Dentistry, Springfield Dental Practice

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Dental care is integral to good oral and general health. Therefore, the persistence of misunderstood ideas about oral care doesn’t serve us at all. Often, the belief in outdated and unfounded misconceptions keeps people from asking their dentist questions that could promote healthier teeth. Here, we want to clear up a few of the most commonly misunderstood dental facts so you can avoid unnecessary discomfort and stress.

Baby Teeth Don’t Need to Be Brushed

Baby teeth will fall out, so strict oral care is not necessary. This could not be more inaccurate. Early dental care, including visits to the dentist, is vital to a child’s lifelong oral health. First, when a baby and toddler receive routine tooth-brushing from a parent, they learn the importance of this habit and are more likely to maintain it throughout life. Second, when a child begins seeing the dentist at a younger age, they are less likely to develop dental anxiety. Finally, baby teeth are placeholders. They are needed to create space in dental arches for the primary teeth that are developing directly behind them. When baby teeth become decayed, the development of primary teeth may be affected.

Sugar is Sugar

There is an expectation among patients that their dentist will tell them to avoid sugar. Sugar is indeed bad for our teeth. More than knowing this, it is important to understand why. How exactly does sugar lead to cavities and other problems? It’s a matter of timing. When we eat a sugary treat, the bacteria in the mouth convert that sugar to acid in less than 30 seconds. Then, the acid lingers in the mouth for about half an hour. The more we snack on sugary drinks and treats, the more acidity is washed over our teeth and gums. From this perspective, it is better to enjoy a sweet treat and then let the mouth restore healthier pH levels before eating again. An even better idea is to consume water after having something sugary. Don’t just drink the water, swish it around in the mouth. This will dilute sugar acids and help enamel to remineralize more quickly.

These are just a couple of the common misunderstood dental facts that persist today. We’re happy to share real facts with you during your visit to our Burke office. To schedule your exam and cleaning, call (703)-935-2879.



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