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Why Dental Visits could be Something you Look Forward to

By: | Monday, January 30th, 2017 | General Dentistry, Oral Health

Monday, January 30th, 2017

cosmetic-dentistryWhen the morning of a dental appointment comes, how do you feel? Excited? Would you say that you enjoy¬†seeing the dentist? Most people don’t. We know this, and we work hard to let each of our patients know that dentistry doesn’t need to be stressful. A person’s mindset about dental care can be a challenge to overcome! Once a negative attitude has developed, some people hold on to it for life. The downside to this is often poor oral health and visits to the dentist only when a painful problem forces it. Here, we suggest a few thoughts to help you view dentistry in a new light.

  1. Your dentist means well. It’s easy to form this idea in your head that a dentist is a “boogie man” kind of person who finds pleasure in people’s painful dental conditions. Not so. Dentists are incredibly committed to good oral health. So much so that they choose to work in a field where most of the people they see in a day don’t really want to be in that chair. Our team has a strong desire to provide outstanding care that fosters good oral health and good relationships with our patients.
  2. One bad dentist doesn’t represent the whole. Have you had a bad experience with one dentist, or have you heard stories from others who have? This can be a terrible slope down which you slide if you’re not careful to remember an important fact: not all dentists are the same. Perhaps your unpleasant experience meant that particular dentist was not a good fit for you. Your smile and your general health deserve quality care. Rather than lump all dentists together in a category, try a new office. We’re happy to meet you personally to discuss your concerns.
  3. Prevention is the best medicine. You have heard this, but maybe not in the way we are about to describe. Of course, it is advantageous to see your dentist before there is a problem. This can help you avoid pain. More so, it can help you avoid stress during urgent situations. Let’s say a crown cracks or falls off. This is not the time to find a new dentist. When you need to be seen right away, you will feel much more confident if you have a family dentist that you already know and trust.

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