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Hold Your Sweet Tooth: What Causes Tooth Sensitivity to Sweets?

By: | Saturday, May 30th, 2015 | Oral Health

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

affirm-laser-treatmentOften your teeth can become overly sensitive to various conditions, including temperatures. But did you know that this can also happen with sweets? If you went to chomp down on your favorite candy bar or cotton candy and realized that your teeth were in pain, you probably worried for a bit. Do you need to stop eating sugar? Is there are serious problem with your teeth?

The short (and good) answer is no.  No matter how intense or serious the pain is, if it is short and stops after you brush your teeth, don’t worry about it too much. However, you should definitely mention the pain to your dentist, and he or she will be able to tell you the best way to treat it and whether or not it is a more serious problem that requires something more than cleaning.

Dentin Hypersensitivity

This sugary sensitivity is brought on by a condition called “dentin hypersensitivity.” This is where the dentin or pulp of the tooth is exposed due to worn down enamel and is usually caused by improper dental care. It is often brought on by cavities, gum disease, or receding gums. Essentially, the damage from the sugar is exposing the more sensitive areas of your teeth to the air, elements, and bacteria.

It is characterized by intense and severe pain in your tooth. While this pain is very quickly onset, it does not last very long. In fact, if the pain is prolonged, it is a sign of deep damage. If the pain is short, the tooth can be repaired by a simple visit to the dentist. If the dentin is damaged further, your dentist will give you a course of action.

What Causes It?

Although we’ve already mentioned a few potential causes, dentin hypersensitivity can also be caused by:

If you’re experiencing this sensitivity, talk to your dentist, and he or she will help you find relief so you can return to your desserts!



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