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How Does COVID Affect Dental Visits?

By: | Sunday, August 30th, 2020 | General Dentistry

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

The first half of this year has been uncertain, to say the least. Many cities have closed down, opened up, and closed down again. At this time, many people are wondering whether or not they should keep their regularly-scheduled dental exam and cleaning. Realizing that these services cannot be conducted from six feet away, it may sound like a good idea to just forego that dental appointment. However, this may come at a cost down the road. Here, we discuss what dental offices are doing to keep patients’ safety at the forefront of dentistry.

Social Distancing is a Priority

We’ve heard a lot in the news recently about the importance of maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet. This is because studies show that droplets from a sneeze or cough can travel that far. This, in combination with wearing a mask, is believed to have a significant effect on the risk of infection. But how does this happen in the clinical setting?

Your Dentist is Social Distancing!

Obviously, it is not possible to maintain distance between the dentist and patient during exams, cleanings, and necessary procedures. However, there are steps that have been taken to increase the ability to maintain social distancing in the office. One of the ways this is achieved is by minimizing the number of people in the office at one time. To preserve the safest possible environment, the reception area is kept empty and is cleaned often. Magazines and other items that are normally available have been removed so patients are not touching the same objects. Hand sanitizer is also kept in an accessible location. Following these protocols, there is a very low chance that patients will even cross paths during their visits.

Additional Safety Measures

We may be facing a transition into a new normal in society, at least for the next several months. However, this new normal does not diminish the importance of regular dental care. In addition to social distancing and mask-wearing, the dental office may follow safety precautions such as family-friendly scheduling, quick and convenient prescreening for each patient, no hugs or handshakes (as much as we’d like to!), and regular temperature checks of staff members. These precautions allow our patients to receive the dental care they need with the peace of mind they deserve.

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