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Your Mouth: It’s How we get to Know you!

By: | Saturday, October 15th, 2016 | Oral Health

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

dental tipsDentists encourage patients of all ages to schedule routine care at six-month intervals. This routine is typically very supportive of ongoing oral health and a general state of wellness. During your visit to the dentist, you expect a thorough examination and a cleaning that will polish away debris. What you might not expect is the full extent of information your mouth may be divulging to the dental team. Here are some of the things we may get to know about you from your mouth.
You love soda (or sports drinks)
It would make sense that what you eat and drink will affect your teeth. Most people know that their teeth will become dull as a result of their beloved coffee habit. However, did you know that your mouth will also reveal whether or not you are an avid soda drinker, and that this has nothing to do with cavities? Historically, dentists have been concerned about how the sugar in soda can increase the risk for cavities. Today, most sodas are not sweetened with sugar, but they are still doing damage. The acidic ingredients in these beverages, and in sports drinks, wash over teeth and eat away at enamel on a large scale. This is noticed as erosion.

You don’t prioritize flossing
For whatever reason, flossing just seems like a challenging and unnecessary task for most folks. That is, until they are about to see the dentist. If you have ever hit the floss the night before your dental exam, know that your dentist was probably well aware. Often, the flossing that is done prior to a dental visit will be a little aggressive, and it will leave clues such as tiny indentations on the gums. Still, if you haven’t been flossing since your last exam, your gums could also be inflamed from gingivitis.

You’re stressed
When you are stressed, you may grind your teeth without even knowing you are doing it. Bruxism often occurs at night, when you sleep. However, your dentist can notice if this is a problem for you by the wear patterns across the teeth at the sides and back of your mouth. Stress can also cause some people to bite their nails, which also has telltale signs like flat edges across the front teeth.

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