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Why Invisalign is So Popular

By: | Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 | Invisalign

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Invisalign, Burke, VAInvisalign has been around for several years now. It has become so common that many of the patients we meet know at least one person whose smile has been transformed without braces, but only because that person told them. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of Invisalign is the discreet way in which the aligner system repositions teeth to improve the smile. As widely known as this benefit is, there are several other reasons why Invisalign is so popular.

Perfect for Teens and Adults

One of the first aspects of Invisalign that came to light years ago was the fact that aligners are an excellent solution for teens and adults of all ages. The development of clear plastic aligners has made it possible for thousands upon thousands of adults to finally get the straight smile they’ve wanted. Because there are no braces protruding from teeth, there is no effect on an adult’s professional or social image during treatment.

For teens, Invisalign makes it possible to continue engaging in sports and social activities without the discomfort and risks associated with braces. Attachment pieces designed over the years have improved the efficacy and overall capacity of aligners to move specific teeth in specific ways, too, increasing the appeal of Invisalign Teen for the average young person.

Perfect for Oral Health

Correcting misalignment is good for oral health no matter how you do it. However, clinical use of orthodontia has revealed specific obstacles presented by braces. Conventional orthodontic treatment affixes brackets onto individual teeth and then moves them using a wire that spans each entire arch of teeth. These fixtures may be necessary, but they make brushing teeth a real challenge. And flossing? Well, this must be done using a special tool. The problem with the roadblocks created by braces is that many patients do not spend the necessary amount of time cleaning carefully around each and every bracket and beneath archwires, let alone in between teeth. At the end of the average orthodontic treatment, restorative dentistry may be needed to repair teeth damaged by decay. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, the risk of dental problems during or after treatment is minimal.

There is so much to appreciate about Invisalign, and it seems like we just keep seeing more reason to love this treatment. Are you ready to begin your treatment? Call our Burke office at (703)935-2879 to schedule your consultation.



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