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How Long will I have to Wear Invisalign?

By: | Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 | Invisalign

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Invisalign Burke VANot so long ago, the question asked by patients seeking orthodontic treatment was “how long will I have to wear braces?” The very idea, for some, was too much. Millions of adults today seek treatment to straighten teeth, close gaps, and improve oral health because they did not or could not do so as teens. Fortunately, their wait may have led them onto the ideal path of being able to straighten teeth without braces at all.

We are proud to be a premier Invisalign provider, serving patients from Northern Virginia with personal, friendly care. Because we perform so many Invisalign cases, we are very well aware that, even though this system is convenient and much more comfortable than standard braces, patients still want to know how long they will have to wear Invisalign aligners. Here, we take a look at the treatment process.

This is How Teeth Get Straightened

Many orthodontic and Invisalign patients know that the fixtures worn on or over their teeth are what leads to a straighter smile. This is often where it ends, though. How braces and Invisalign work often never comes up in conversation. When we’re looking at timeframes, though, this is an important point.

Teeth get straightened by first getting loosened. You see, teeth are stable because they are tethered to the jawbone through the periodontal ligament. This strong band of soft tissue holds tight to teeth roots so, to get teeth into proper position, this hold must be disrupted. To do this too quickly would be painful. Both braces and Invisalign exert firm but gentle and constant pressure on teeth to relax the periodontal ligament enough to allow movement.

Invisalign progresses through this transition in two-week intervals. With every new set of aligners, patients move closer to the straight smile they deserve. To see this happen as they wish, it is important that aligners stay in place more often than not.

When aligners are worn as directed, patients can complete their course of treatment as estimated during their consultation. Most Invisalign cases are wrapped up in about a year, with some cases completing sooner and some extending a few more months.

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