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How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

By: | Friday, August 30th, 2019 | Invisalign

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Invisalign Burke, VA

Options for straightening teeth have expanded over time. First, we had braces with brackets that wrapped fully around individual teeth. Then, brackets got downsized and bonded to the front surface only. In time, manufacturers discovered that metal brackets and wires were not the only option for correcting misalignment and bite issues. Clear braces became a common method appreciated by patients who wanted a more discreet treatment. When Invisalign was developed, the entire game changed.

Invisalign was the first teeth-straightening treatment that did not involve bonding brackets onto teeth. Not only are there no brackets, but there are also no wires strung across the smile. Invisalign is still the most well-known and most popular of the handful of aligner methods that have been created. As discreet and efficient as this system is, patients still like to know how long they will have to wear aligners. We’ll discuss that here.

How Invisalign Works

To understand how long Invisalign treatment will take, we have to look at how the method works. Invisalign straightens teeth with aligners that look like an average mouth guard. A series of aligners are made using sophisticated animation software. First, a model of the patient’s mouth is sent to the Invisalign lab. From that model, an animation is created to predict and plan each movement of various teeth in a progressive manner. Then, aligners are created in a way that will apply gentle, consistent force to those teeth. By switching aligners every two weeks, the patient achieves the correction needed to bring out the best in their smile.

Factors that Affect Timing

On average, a course of Invisalign treatment lasts about 12 months. However, some patients take less time and some take more. This depends on factors such as:

The best way to know how long Invisalign treatment would take for you is to consult with an experienced provider. To schedule a visit with Dr. Price, call our Burke, VA office at (703)-935-2879.



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