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6 Reasons To Improve Your Smile

By: | Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 | Invisalign

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

shutterstock_193248827Smiling has many impressive benefits, but if you’re self-conscious about your teeth, you might be missing out. Consider the following reasons to improve your smile.

1. Smiling Is Good For Your Health

Did you know that smiling releases endorphins that relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood? Smiling can help boost your immune system, lower your heart rate, and reduce the sensation of pain. Smiling is a quick and simple way to make yourself feel a little better—try it today!

2. Smiling Can Help You At Work

People who smile are often perceived as more approachable, more trustworthy, and more confident. Smiling can also help you focus and stay productive. All these benefits can help you out in the workplace.

3. Smiling Can Improve Your Relationships

Smiling is contagious, so when you smile, you share the benefits of smiling with those around you. Smiling also encourages empathy and makes you appear more attractive. These benefits can pay off in your personal relationships whether they are platonic or romantic.

4. Improving Your Smile Can Boost Your Confidence

Having a clean, white, straight smile can boost your confidence and improve your self worth. Confidence will help you succeed in work and in life and it will help you stay happy and satisfied. Ask your dentist about veneers if you’re interested in getting a sparkling smile for years to come.

5. Improving Your Smile Can Improve Your Health

Many studies have linked oral health and overall health. For example, periodontal disease (or gingivitis) has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. Taking care of your smile is part of taking care of your health.

6. Improving Your Smile Can Make Your Life Easier

Ideally, you brush and floss your teeth every single day, but having crooked, misaligned teeth can make this process more difficult. Straightening your smile through Invisalign or can make it easier to thoroughly clean your teeth, which will keep your teeth and your gums healthy and strong.


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