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The Cavity Game: It’s Not Always Easy

By: | Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 | General Dentistry

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

smile healthyFrom the time we come into this world, we are in the fight; the fight against tooth decay, that is. Parents put a lot of effort into teaching children how to brush and floss so they don’t struggle with painful cavities. Once children understand the value of good oral hygiene and develop the skills to manage their teeth, there is an expectation that cavity prevention is well under way. So, if you continue to come face to face with tooth decay into adulthood, what gives?

Cavity prevention is, in fact, a lifelong task. It isn’t always difficult, just brush, floss, eat well, and see the dentist. For the most part, these activities go a long way in keeping oral bacteria in check, but not always. Here, we look at a few hidden hazards that you may need to address if you continually experience cavities.

Tooth spacing isn’t what it should be.

Correcting the spacing between teeth is one of our specialties! We understand what can happen when teeth are too close together. If one tooth overlaps the next, there is a ridge in which plaque accumulation is pretty much a given. You don’t want spaces like these throughout your mouth. They make oral hygiene too much of a challenge. In addition to more cavities, the plaque buildup can make it hard to keep your breath fresh and your gums nice and pink.

Going to great depths.

One of the primary purposes of teeth is to chew food. To accomplish this, there cannot be a level surface. Teeth have high and low points that break into food and break it apart. The thing is, those low points could be quite deep. When they are, there is an increased chance that debris can get caught in spaces your toothbrush cannot reach. Many people have heard of dental sealants in the realm of pediatric dentistry, but this treatment is not reserved for any age group. Teens and adults of all ages can have the deep grooves of molars sealed to prevent the buildup of cavity-causing plaque.

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