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Tooth Replacement has Finally Come of Age

By: | Sunday, January 15th, 2017 | Dental Implants

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Dental ImplantsComing of age. This is something that happens in stages. When we are children, we look forward to visits from the tooth fairy as our baby teeth fall out of the mouth. This is an exciting time because it marks a path toward growing up. We know that new teeth will take the place of those we have lost. In adulthood, tooth loss is not something we expect to happen to us, even though we know it happens to others. This is an interesting fact, seeing that upwards of 30% of adults lose one or more teeth before they reach middle age.  Tooth loss in older adults, although largely preventable, is still looked at as a normal event. We need to move away from this mindset.

Another mindset we could do well to move away from is the perception that dentures and bridges are the norm in terms of tooth replacement. Dentistry has changed dramatically in terms of what is considered normal. Many centuries ago, objects such as shells were tried as stand-ins for natural teeth. Not so many centuries ago, human and animal teeth were used to create dentures. Only in the last 100 or so years did toothlessness among adults become less common. Today, everything from the appearance of false teeth to their foundation has evolved – thankfully!

Structure Rules

Advancements in technologies are often achieved through trial and error. Dental technologies are no different. As we can see from ancient civilizations, humans have recognized the value of teeth roots for ages. The problem that needed to be overcome was the issue of just how to get new roots into place. It was only halfway through the 1900s that science caught up, and dental implants were developed.

We are pleased to help our patients recapture the smile they once knew; a smile that not only looked natural but stayed in place at all times. There is no need to worry when you eat, smile, or speak. There is no need to settle for dentures that rub against your gums. Because it’s possible to set a new foundation on top of tiny titanium posts, tooth loss no longer has to mean living out your life in discomfort and self-consciousness.

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