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Three Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

By: | Friday, October 30th, 2020 | Dental Implants

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Tooth loss is not something we expect to happen to us. Should this occur, it creates stress and, often, confusion. There are choices in how teeth are replaced. You’d think that would make the process easier. It doesn’t seem to.

Here, we discuss three reasons why dental implants should be considered in the event of tooth loss.

  1. Dental implants are so much like real teeth that most people can’t tell the difference. A dental implant isn’t an artificial tooth; it is the artificial root that holds a restoration. This is significant because our natural teeth are anchored in bone. Until the development of dental implants, replacement teeth could only be anchored on adjacent teeth via crowns or clasps. Being anchored in the bone, a dental implant restores chewing and speaking to such near-normal levels that artificial teeth can feel just like real ones.
  2. Dental implants are biocompatible and corrosion-resistant. The part of the implant that is anchored in the jawbone is made of titanium. Titanium has been used for many years in medical implants for orthopedic surgeries. It sits well in the body and maintains its resilience encased in natural tissues. The natural sugars, acid, and bacteria in the mouth that can decay teeth have no effect on dental implants so long as gum health is maintained with daily brushing and flossing.
  3. Dental implants are versatile. While dental implants are made as individual posts that can replace a single tooth at a time, patients often choose to combine this innovative dental procedure with traditional treatments to get even better results. Historically, dentures used for full-arch tooth replacement have sat on the gums. This compromises the transfer of vibrations through the gums and to the jawbone. Without this transfer, the bone degrades over time. With dental implants holding a denture in place, the vibration created by chewing passes to the jawbone just like it would with natural teeth. This helps maintain good bone density for many years.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Tooth loss can have extensive effects on health and well-being. There is no need to go through any amount of time without full use of your mouth as a result of tooth loss. We can help. Call (703)-935-2879 to schedule a visit at our Burke office.



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