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What to Do if You Lose a Tooth

By: | Friday, February 14th, 2020 | Dental Bridges

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Unexpected surprises are an expected thing in this life. While we’d love for every surprise to put a smile on our face, this is a relatively unrealistic desire. Sometimes, the unexpected that happens actually makes us want to hide our smile. If you’re in hiding because of a missing tooth, you’re not alone. Statistics indicate that more than 120 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. Nearly 40 million have lost all of their natural teeth.

We wouldn’t expect it to make you feel better about your predicament to know that others may be in the same boat. What can make you feel better is knowing that dentistry has expanded in its abilities to prevent and treat tooth loss with long-lasting solutions.

An Ounce of Prevention

It has long been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A more modern phrase is that prevention is the best medicine. When it comes to dental and general health, this is true. It is much less stress and much more productive to undergo regular checkups that can catch problems before they cause severe damage to the teeth, gums, and supportive ligaments and bone. If you haven’t seen the dentist in the last six months, we invite you to contact us now to arrange your checkup and cleaning. We assure you we will prioritize your comfort and peace of mind during your visit.

Undoing Damage

Once a tooth or the gums have been damaged, it is difficult to reverse the injury that has occurred. Should you suffer deep inflammation or infection that can only be remedied with tooth extraction. Your dentist will discuss ways to at least undo the effects of tooth loss. Common solutions are to bridge the gap between two natural teeth or to implant new structures where the missing tooth once sat. In either situation, patients appreciate a natural-looking restoration that can last for years.

Getting the Smile Back Together

When there is a divide between two teeth, Dr. Price may design a dental bridge to fill the empty space. A bridge fits over two natural teeth at the edges and situates an artificial tooth in the space in between. This treatment can also be performed if the missing tooth was at the very back of the mouth. To fill the gap, a cantilever bridge that fits over only one tooth can be made.

If tooth loss is more substantial, dentures may be a good option for bringing the smile back to an attractive, functional state. Dentures have improved over time and now look and feel much more natural than they once did. Conventional dentures are fixtures that fit over the gums. For a stable bite, it is necessary to get the ideal fit, which can take periodic adjustments.

With an eye for the long haul, more patients are choosing to incorporate dental implants into their tooth-replacement treatment. Dental implants can be used along with crowns to replace individual teeth or with dentures to secure a larger restorative fixture.

Tooth loss doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy, happy smile. Call our Burke office at (703)-935-2879 to schedule your consultation to discuss tooth replacement.



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