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Smile Direct Club: Should I Do It?

By: | Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

If you’re reading this, you have lived long enough to understand that there are pros and cons to every choice we make in life. Some of the choices we make can cost us time, money, and emotional turmoil. This is true even when it comes to minor health matters and cosmetic appearance. If you have been concerned about your oral health and the appearance of your smile because you have been dealing with turned teeth or minor misalignment issues, you may be considering one of the latest trends, Smile Direct Club. If you are, you want to be aware of the pros and cons you are facing.

Dr. Stephen Price is a Premier Invisalign Provider in Northern Virginia. Our office has been established to help patients in the Burke area get the results they deserve, which we describe as beautiful, healthy smiles. Can Smile Direct get you there? Let’s see!

What Is Smile Direct Club?

More and more lately we have been exposed to innovative systems of product and service delivery. Smile Direct Club fits into this category of straight-to-you services. This online service mimics Invisalign in its intent to correct minor to moderate misalignment problems. In its essence, this business is made for convenience. To receive your treatment plan, you may order an impression-making kit that you complete at home and return to the lab. There, a series of custom-made aligners are made for you. We understand the appeal of this type of system, especially during current times. But does that mean you should do it? Let’s see!

Pros of Smile Direct Club:

  1. Little time commitment. If you’re busy and have little time to visit your dentist for in-person progress-checks (yes, we’re doing them!), then Smile Direct Club may be something to consider. With this system, once you receive your aligners, you have no further time commitment.
  2. Treatment is completed quickly. The average treatment time for Smile Direct patients is 6 months. It is important to understand that the reason the average treatment time is so short is that the system is usually used to correct very minor imperfections.
  3. Professional oversight. While a Smile Direct program does not involve check-ups, the initial treatment plan is overseen by a licensed dentist or orthodontist. This oversight may occur remotely, but it is the basis of treatment nonetheless.
  4. Convenience. Once a treatment plan is devised, you are given all of the aligners you need to complete your program. It is then up to you to use them as directed.

Cons of Smile Direct Club:

  1. Lack of personal care. Smile Direct Club is convenient, yes, but lacks personal oversight of your treatment plan. You do not need to see a dentist, but then again, you do not have a dentist to ask questions or address concerns, either.
  2. Higher incidence of error. If there is not a brick-and-mortar Smile Direct Club near you and you cannot receive in-person 3D scanning and impressions of your teeth, there is a chance that your self-made impressions will not be accurate and that your aligners may not be totally in line with your needs.

Look at the Big Picture

The purpose of any aligner system is to get the best possible results and to achieve long-lasting improvement. We are happy to currently be seeing patients in our Burke, VA office. For information about our safety protocols and success using Invisalign, call (703)-935-2879.



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